November 14, 2010

Lolita's Statement

Prior to her meeting with executives of the Stardoll Workers Union and her staff members of The Stardoll Shiner, Miss_LolitaF has released a public statement regarding the issue. While at a press conference on Saturday, she told Elite News during an exclusive interview that "it is a matter to be taken seriously" and that she would "participate fully in reaching an agreement".

Her full statement read:
"Yes, I heard about that. It's a matter to be taken seriously, and they'll have my full co-operation. I'm going to make sure that I participate fully in reaching an agreement. I'm not sure what the exact details of the charges are yet, but presumably, I'm going to find out in the meeting on Monday morning, I understand that some of my fans are disappointed by this case, but I assure them that it'll be sorted out as quickly as possible."

When told about some of the charges, and asked about whether or not some of the ones which were pressed against her were true, Miss_LolitaF refused to comment, saying that was something that "was going to be discussed only in the boardroom,"

Union executives earlier said that the location of the meeting would remain private to prevent any harassment from the media.


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