October 25, 2011

Stanley Goes To Court!

Decowood faced the judge today, for his DUI arrest back in May. The judge let him off easy due to his traumatic circumstances and only ordered him to pay a 1,000 dollar fine and ordered him to attend AA meetings and counseling sessons for one year.

Also, while he was at the court office he also signed his divorce papers from Emorox4eva, which both he and Jenna agreed to give up their parental rights from their 2 year old daughter Fiona. Jenna's sister, Star_Awards is currently in the process of adopting Fiona.

The divorce will be finalized by January.

October 20, 2011

Mel's Single Vacation

Supermodel Bluegreen86 was spotted vacationing by her beach villa a couple days go. Rumor has it that the supermodel has now split up from girlfriend -Inspired- of almost two years together. According to our sources, the break-up was mutual and both remain friends.

By the way, is it me or does Mel look better than ever!?!?

October 15, 2011

SK's Season 2 Spoliers!

After Samantha King's 1st season finale shock us all in a jaw-dropping's no surprise that Season 2 will be very anticipated! And to get everyone back on their toes again, I'll like to spill some new deets for the upcoming season!

There will be many new character's appearing this upcoming season, one of them being a new male lead character! Played by hot new actor, Chace.Clark. As to what this will mean for the show...let's just say, the unexpected pregnancy will be the least of Samantha's problems this season! Tylerisbold's character Nathan Woodward will be seen less this season, only appearing on 2-3 episodes!

Season 2 will air on the Elite Network in late November!

October 12, 2011

Jenna's shocking decision!!
It wasn't so shocking when we found out Emorox4eva officially filed for divorce from her estranged husband Decowood this morning. Citing "irreconcilable differences" for the split. But what was shocking is her decision to GIVE UP legal and physical custody of her 2 year old daughter Fiona!

According to the divorce papers she states "I'm not and won't ever be fit to parent Fiona Foster-Wood. I insist that not only me, but Stanley Wood also give up his parental rights. We've mostly been leaving the child under the guidance and care of Star_Awards, my sister, whose willing to adopt the child if both Stanley and I give up our parental rights."

According to our sources, Stanley isn't surprised by the divorce and Jenna's decision to give up Fiona, because he wants the same thing. "Stanley is done with anything having to do with Jenna and Fiona, he want's to start a new life," says a close friend.

October 11, 2011

Charlotte & Kasia Engaged???
There's a rumor going around that newly divorced N1mka4eva is engaged to Undamyumbrellla!

The rumors surfaced after Charlotte threw Kasia a huge birthday bash over the weekend, which was described by party guest as "unforgettable" but nobody would elaborate any further to want happen at the bash!

Kasia commented on the rumor by only saying "what happens at my party, stays at the my party."

Amanda walk's out on bill!
LadyGagaMcQueen stopped by a downtown restaurant to enjoy a lovely afternoon lunch, but once she received her bill, she simply walked out without paying! The D-list actress claims she didn't pay because "the food was disgusting and the service was rude."

As for the restaurant owners, they aren't filing charges against her, but instead they ask that she never set foot inside the restaurant ever again.

October 6, 2011

Weathly Heiress Get's DUI!

After leaving her own engagement party last night, wealthy heiress AislinVictory was pulled over by police after her car was swerving side-to-side along the road. The police claim Aislin was "highly intoxicated" and could barely say a word.

Aislin, who's been on a bad girl streak ever since she moved to Dollywood has had other incidents with law enforcement before. Once for loud music at her house party a couple weeks ago and an other after she had a catfight with pop signer Liajm at a nightclub just days ago!

October 1, 2011

Jenna Officially Done With Stanley??
Last night, we spotted Emorox4eva heading into a hotel after arriving from the airport. According to our sources, she is only back for a couple of days to officially fill out divorce papers from her estranged husband Decowood. The two have been legally separated since early July.

They have a 2 year old daughter, Fiona, who hasn't been with Jenna or Stanley since March. Instead the little girl has been cared by friends and family.

"Jenna is a whole different person and Stanley is a wild mess. Instead of trying to fix their problems, she's running away from them and he's drinking them away. That night changed them," says a close friend.