April 1, 2010

Shutting down Elite News!

Sorry everyone, but after thinking real hard about this, I've decided to shut down the blog. I want to thank all the amazing followers and everyone else who enjoyed the blog, but I really just want to say...........


Got you!!! Don't worry, this blog isn't shutting down anytime soon. It's actually just getting started. Plus I got a surprise for all of you.

The colorful COMMESdesGARCON aka Gia and myself are collaborating on a sister blog called Elite Fashion , which will focus more on the fashion world of the Stardoll elite. So if your a fan of Elite News, then your sure love Elite Fashion, so click here to follow the new blog!!!


Alice in Wonderland said...

Gawsh, when I saw the text in my dashboard I was like "PLLLEEEASE BE APRIL FOOLS!"

Thank Gawsh!

Fifi-Jayne said...

Looking forward to it. :D


lmao. You almost got me.For April fools I texted all my friends saying:

"Dont text or call me ever again. What you said about me was totally effed up.Dont get that stupid look on your face because its APRIL FOOLS."