April 21, 2010

Even More Mary & Eternity Deets

By: Baya Nikolas
After Writemarycat decided not to fork over the rights of Eternity Magazine to Dioguardi Group after all, she instead announced that she is starting her own fashion industry called Fashion Group.

Mary checked out of the treatment facility she was staying late last night and was seen this morning scouting different buildings downtown with new Eternity editor-in-chief N1mka4eva to find a place to hold Fashion Group's headquarters.

It's also being reported that Mary has gotten back in touch with her ex-fiance MadWorld while at her short stay at the treatment facility. "Chad talked to her on the phone countless of times, and Mary lit up like the sun when they spoke to eachother. Chad told her that he broke up with is girlfriend Kahlen08Heiress and that he was coming to Stardoll to visit Mary once she got out of the treatment facility. Mary seemed better after he told her that and check out of the facility," said and insider.

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coolsista said...

Hope mary gets out ok lol..I want mary and chad back together