April 1, 2010

Ellie's Marriage A Sham?

By: Slaggot

Fakeshake3's and Tylerisbold's marriage has gotten off to a rocky start. Ellie and Tyler were seen having what one would consider an earsplitting screaming match yesterday while shopping in the Starplaza.

The idea that Tyler does not really love Ellie has been circulating the gossip rounds for quite some time. Despite original rumours of the pair getting hitched so Ellie could retain her visa, it seems that there is another reason behind their quicker-than-you-can-say-whhaaa shotgun wedding.

Sources are saying that Ellie, pointblank, blackmailed Tyler into marrying her, "Tyler was running a shady business, one where he obtained a lot of money illegally. Ellie found out about it after she snooped through his apartment on their first date and wanted in. At first Tyler wasn't having it, however, Ellie threatened to expose him to the cops."

Another source was cited saying, "Ellie didn't want payments that could be traced back to her. To her, marriage was the perfect solution because she would be entitled to half of what he was earning. Tyler, who wanted to avoid jail, simply had no other option and went through with the nuptials."

No word on what exactly Tyler has been involved in, although it has been brought to the attention of the FBI and a spokesperson said it is considered to be very serious and they are looking into it with great interest.



I love ellie and tyler but this is being spotted arguing in starplaza. I love how you guys write like Globe magazine.Or even better SUN!

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