April 5, 2010

Linda & Ryan's Wild Night?

By: Baya Nikolas
Stardoll's famewhoring couple, Elite-girl & Ddlm11, were spotted hitting the late night party scene this past weekend!

Partygoers say the reality stars were craving attention the whole night. "They were taking up the dance floor and making out like crazy. Linda was yelling and ranting on how she was better than everyone else and Ryan threaten to fight any guy who looked at Linda. They were just ridiculous, and the funny thing is they were completely sober," said an insider. Our sources also say Ryan even tipped the paparazzi that they would be downtown partying that night!


Style Police said...

Soo funny! XD
Love it!

ChicLin said...

So Ryan and I are the Speidi of Stardoll.

- But you didn't talk me flashing the paparazzi...
Bummer me and Ryan payed good money for thee no good paparazzi!

Fifi-Jayne said...

Lol, 'famewhoring'

Guavatastic said...

El Oh El!