August 17, 2011

Kamil & Elena UPDATE!!!

We just received an update on Kamil01 and Gkmktk's condition after being in a huge car crash! According to our sources, Kamil reportedly loss a lot of blood after suffering a huge hit to his head which has landed him in a coma. As for Elena, she's awake, but can't remember a thing and also can't move a bone in her body. Doctors don't know if it's temporary or permanent, it's still to early to say.

We've also received news that the driver who caused the accident and was killed was in fact heavily intoxicated. Never drink or drive people. Nothing good ever comes out of it.


Anonymous said...

Hope they are ok, and are better soon xxxx

Anonymous said...

I hope the both of them get better soon xx

Austin/Alexapie200 said...

Omg D: This is horrible! I really wish them the best!

GussygirlFun said...

OMG! That is so tragic ! I hope they recover from their injuries and I wish them good luck in hospital