December 17, 2011

OSD Awards 2011

The OSD Awards took place this past weekend. A new international award show awarding those in the media and beauty industry, but really mostly rich heiresses and a few celebs. One celeb being Style_Magazine, which was pretty shocking when she actually won, but surprising seeing that she didn't even attend. When asked about her win Style admitted she didn't even know about the nomination or the award show in the first place, yet very thankful for the recognition.

As for the other winners, nothing but beauty queens or rich heiresses.

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WanesscamargoBR said...

Hello! I am the owner of the blog Official Stardoll, which promoted the OSD Awards, and I have to say I was very disappointed with Style_Magazine, since I sent messages, and talked to her on the chat:


What REALLY can not understand is why she said she did not learn of the award. It is shameful for her? I believe that it is not the large proportion who would take the prize, so he refused to talk about it.

I can only say that the award was very successful, and that the winners were chosen by the public (the voting went from 50,000 votes). So just have to say this, and thanks for the post!

Xoxo wanesscamargoBR (Ricardo Alves)