September 4, 2011

Kissing Co-stars: DRF Edition!

Ruubin must have had a great time last night, the award-winning actress was spotted leaving her rumored boyfriend Lige07's downtown apartment this morning while doing the walk of shame towards her car while wearing the same clothes from the day before!

Ironically, both actors play step-siblings in Elite Network's hit show, Diamonds Are Forever.


Austin/Alexapie200 said...

They so had sex :D LOL!

audreyxbeth said...

Psh they're both my friends!
How did I not know?

Ruubin said...

Haha :D We did it on the couch, the dining-table, the stairs and in the broom-closet! Mazel tov to us :D Haha, I have a sick mind xD

ICON! said...

Mhm. Selena <3 I did tell you Audrey... Oh well. Btw Selena you look hot today as usual. Hehehe.