June 28, 2011

Vanessa Get's Explosive!

Star_Awards was spotted leaving a restaurant last night looking pretty upset. According to onlookers in the restaurant, Vanessa seem to be speaking to her lawyer inside when she reportedly had a huge outburst!

Vanessa and her lawyer were discussing her pending divorce from N1mka4eva, but when the lawyer told Vanessa that the Charlotte was denying the cheating allegations, Vanessa began to throw a fit in the restaurant, and began to yell, "why in hell is she claiming she never cheated??? She's fucking crazy! She did cheat on me! I walked in on her and Undamyumbrella in our bedroom when I got home early from the gym!!! She better pay me half of her millions and the deed to the fucking house! After that shit she put me through, I deserve at least that!!" She then abruptly got up and left.

According to the divorce documents, if Vanessa can prove that Charlotte did in fact cheat, then Nessa is entitled to half of Char's "millions" and full ownership of their 3 million dollar mansion!

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Mrs.Edward Cullen said...

HOLY crap! This gets better and better~