June 1, 2011

Alice Rushed To Hospital!!

Hunnigall hasn't given much detail of her pregnancy since announcing it at one week gone back in October, but Elite News have exclusively learned that within the last half hour, Alice was rushed to hospital after her water broke!!!

She and fiance Nojarama have been out of town visiting relatives, but came back recently to ensure they were prepared for the birth - not knowing it would be as soon as it is! A representative for the couple has stated:
"This has come as a huge surprise. The couple were planning on taking it easy and spending time with the children, as well as creating a nursery in their West Dollywood home, but Alice's waters have recently broken, and they have gone to hospital. At 7 1/2 months, there are concerns for the health of the child, so we would ask that the press respect their privacy and priorities at this time. More updates will come soon."
It is thought that close family friend Ciaraleanne is looking after their other children; 8-month-old Seraphina and Milo. Our thoughts are with you, hun!

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