July 1, 2011

Marcela Going Bankrupt?

In latest breaking news, the multimillionaire actress turned fashion designer, .Marcela.., sold her very successful and infamous brand, M by Marcela to the said to be conniving billionaire Mizzmileycyrus9.

She vaguely Tweeted that, "I will miss M, but sadly, its not mine anymore."

Reportedly, we heard that Reece bought out the fashion brand for 30 million and has mentioned plans of possibly changing the name from 'M by Marcela' to 'R by Reece' since he now holds full power of the company's copyright and branding title and he has already started advertising the brand repeatedly over the airways of the radio and even popular blogging sites like Perez Hilton of Stardoll.

But the star has been out of the loop when it came to business, not scoring any movie roles in the past 2 years and has not made a line since the last S/S Stardoll Fashion Week! And lately, she has been reportedly selling her valuable belongings over eBay and in the Star Bazaar.

So people are wondering, did she sell out because she is going broke?

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The.Chic said...

Wow! :O Marcela is amazing! How is she going bankrupt! Well things happen :(