July 21, 2010

Tyler & Ellie's Surprising Statement!!

Actors Tylerisbold and Fakeshake3 just recently sent us a surprising statement regarding the reports about their marriage.

Tyler's & Ellies statement:
"We would like to address our fans and the media about some of the outrages rumors circulating around about our marriage. Being huge stars, it makes it hard to live private lives with the media following our every move and having rumors circulating around like crazy. Were like every other couple out there. Yes, there are times that we argue but never to the point when police had to get involve. Were not perfect, but we ARE in love. Lastly, we would like to announced some great news, which is that were be expecting a baby. Ellie is currently 8 weeks pregnant. Were very blessed and fortunate and hope that the media will stop with these outrages reports about us and let us live in peace."

Wow, I honestly didn't expect any of that, I wish them the best.

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