March 28, 2010

Alice Get's Fierce!

By: Baya Nikolas
Hunnigall released the March issue of Fierce Magazine today!

The magazine lives up to it's name, it's fierce! Get your own issue here!

Alice held a small party with close friends at her and her fiance, Nojarama, condo. I was invited to the party in which I got the full scoop from Alice herself regarding her current pregnancy with baby #2 and the mysterious death of her 1st child Chalice. She told us she doesn't want to know the sex of the baby, but did went on to say that if it was a boy she would name him Milo or Seraphina for a girl. Alice had no comment regarding the death of Chalice, other than she and Chace had nothing to do with Chalice's death and that they were loving parents to her.


Anonymous said...

I heard Alice and Chace's part time babysitter (for when Chalice was alive) knows something about the child's mysterious death

Emmie said...

Hahahaha! :D Go Fierce!
Remember, it's said that Alice and Chace will marry this spring, I should know, I'm the maid of honour ;D
xoxo Emma