March 4, 2010

Dan To Wed!

By: Gabby Smith
Elite News blogger DanPuffs wed his longtime partner Manolo.DiCicco!

The couple had a private yet very lavish ceremony and reception at Manolo's beach house with close family and friends in attendance. PerezStarGossip was reportedly Dan's maid of honor, as Tylerisbold is to be Manolo's best man.

No word yet on if Undamyumbrellla was one of Dan's bridesmaids let alone even in attendance!


*future*celeb*/Ally said...

Love them both! All is fair in love and war, hopefully this will bring peace to Stardoll.

*future*celeb*/Ally said...
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Cooldeer123/ Shayan Fierce ! said...

Wow, Manolo is gay ?

All the hotter :D

Elite News said...

Remember, this blog is fake, so don't believe everything you read on here. I'm not sure what Manolo's orientation is, but it doesn't matter on this blog. We will sometimes make staright people gay, and gay people staright. Just to spice up the storyline of the blog.

Hopefully, Manolo won't get offended and just laughs it off.

I think Blabber.Mouth wrote a good article.

Manolo.DiCicco said...

Oh no - Kasia is not on the guest list.
I have to reveal that our honeymoon will be in Kentucky - Also we'll visit our loyal friend Anthony there.

Nojarama said...

Only Kentucky?
Come to London me and Alice will be waiting!!

Mary said...

No, come to Ukraine, I'll make Dan an excursion into girls' bodies :D But then, Manolo will break up with Dan :D

collectorcentre said...

Lets see if Paris Hilton can attend, just for Dan. :P


hot couple! lol

Anonymous said...