February 28, 2010

The Freakshow Awards Recap!

By: Baya Nikolas
Tylerisbold successfully hosted the 1st annual Freakshow Awards this Sunday in the city of sin, Las Vegas!

John2_el_mejor made his first public appearance back in the limelight last night, back from his short stint in sex rehab. He was up for one award, but lost. People say he seemed very nervous and distant and was spotted leaving early from the event.

Writemarycat had a great night with 2 awards up her sleeve! She was spotted being very unusually low key, she even left the after-party early.

Star_Awards cheered on girlfriend N1mka4eva has she won the Fantasy Fringed award. Onlookers say the couple looked happy and very much in love.

Hunnigal & Nojarama made a very short and abrupt appearance at the end of the ceremony. Both looked very tensed and distressed to be there. The couple have been going through some legal issues surrounding the death of their baby girl Chalice. Alice was recently released from detainment just a couple of days ago.

Overall, it was a magical night and the Elites did their thing!
Check out the full list of winners HERE!

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...Electra.... said...

Haha, great blog. (:
I absolutely loved the whole event.