February 23, 2010

Mary with a Vengeance?

By: Baya Nikolas
Writemarycat has been on a small getaway at Fiji since this weekend. She tweeted this picture of herself on set for a naked photo-shoot spread for Playboy today.

Onlookers have reported seeing Mary hugging and kissing a new man, but our sources say this might be a set up, just to get her recent ex-fiance MadWorld jealous!

This is the 5th time they've broken up and some are wondering if Mary will do something stupid again. "Every time they breakup Mary get's into trouble and acts careless. When they broke up last year she got a DUI. She's loss without him. I'm afraid this time around Chad won't take her back at all" said a close friend of Mary.

1 comment:

Mary said...

*gets out of the Tyler's apartment Sunday morning *
*tries not to be hurt by following tons of paparazzi*
*they ask questions*
"what's up with Chad?, are you back toge...Tyler...why are yo..?"