February 20, 2010

Tyler's New Endeavor

By: Slaggot
Stardoll's most notorious entrepreneur is at it again. Sources are saying that Tylerisbold has branched out into the wonderful world of Broadway.

"Tyler has always had an eye for what works. He saw that this opportunity would be too good to let go to waste." a source reveals.

Although news about this play has just leaked out, it is already in the final stages of pre-production. In fact, a select few, including Writemarycat, have already seen the a few of the final rehearsals, however, due to signed contracts, they can’t divulge any of the dirty details.

The play itself is about the true life blogging sensation PerezStarGossip and apparently it is ridden with scandal and focuses on her lesser known life story.

The source reveals, "Despite being known as one of Stardoll's good girls, Queen Pez has a crazy and promiscuous past. She is definitely not who people think she is and this show will show people that."

Another source adds, "Some parts are so shocking that people will think that it was made up, but I assure you, it is 100% true."

It is rumored that this is revenge on Tyler's part for all the years that Perez humiliated him on his blog.

"At one point he said enough was enough, he wanted her to know how he felt so he spied on her and hired several detectives to look into her past. Because he is an entrepreneur he wanted to exploit her in a way that made fiscal sense, a Broadway play is the perfect way, to him, to do this."

Perez didn't have any comments when asked about her feelings on this ordeal.

"There is nothing that she can do. Everything is true and she can't sue for slander."

Tickets are on sale starting late next week and opening night is a little under two weeks away. Elite News will be there reviewing the opening night and, as always, giving you the full scoop.

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