February 16, 2010

New Discoveries

By: Slaggot
The Fare-Valentine investigation is still ongoing however new discoveries have been made. The most prominent would be the arrest of Hunnigall.

Earlier Alice was deemed MIA. However the police have issued a statement regarding her current whereabouts, "Alice Fare was found earlier in the evening hiding out in her club, Spice Nights. Upon being found she came out of her hiding place, which was in the washroom, holding up what appeared to be a baby claiming that it was an alive Chalice. Sadly upon further inspection it was found that this was not the case and Alice was in fact holding a llama suit, a reject costume for her upcoming issue of Fierce. Currently Alice has been placed into custody and is receiving the psychiatric care that she needs.”

The body of Chalice Valentine has yet to be found however sources are saying that Alice's fiancée, Chace, is fully cooperating with the police and is no longer considered a suspect.

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