March 20, 2010

Stalker On The Loose!!

By: Baya Nikolas
filed a restraining order against Style_Rave today!

Sam claims that Chloe has been stalking, harassing, and has been trying to attack him and his pregnant girlfriend Beverlyhillshei for the past couple of weeks!

Sam & Ashley are afraid for their lives, because Chloe has been sending letters to their home which go on about her and Sam's "future together" and she's also been sending Ashely gifts that contain bloody knives and baby dolls with a rope tied around their neck! Chloe has even gone out to the media claiming that she and Sam have been together since February and claims she and Sam are getting married!!

But Sam's rep said that "Chloe is completely delusional. Chloe's statements are completely false and purely outrages! Sam is engaged to Ashely and they're both expecting a child together very soon. Sam wishes Chloe get's the help she needs and leaves him and Ashely alone."

Chloe also thinks she and Style_Magazine are BFFs! How much delusional can she get?

1 comment:

Muffymuffins said...

Whatta Facking Physcopath.
And Attenion Whore ;D