August 14, 2010

It's for a good cause!

Allure magazine owner Conii987 and Fifibannana held a little charity concert down at the Wilson Islands owned by Beverlyhillshei's father. It's been a month since Fifi's pregnancy scandal but funnily enough to get over it pretty easily, oh well. Weeks after the incident Fifi started promoting a charity concert she was holding in aid of blind children suffering of starvation, this event was full of sweaty people with their arms in the air with their sunglasses in hand...delightfull eh?But something far bigger than Vasia28's bad singing headlined the show, at the end Fifi and Conii both got up on stage and took their top off literally getting the knockers out, GET SOME OF THAT! Never knew getting your boobs out was something suitable for charity but everyone has their own opinions! Now dish out yours down below by commenting!


♥ Samantha ♥ Vinnie99 ♥ said...


Good Work Girls XD

Cianboland said...

This is a sweet post, but their medolls aren't exactly pretty as such, so seeing them topless wouldn't be a nice sight :S