March 14, 2011

John's Other Addiction??

It seems like his sex addiction is not enough for John2_el_mejor, because according to reports, John also has a drug addiction! This morning, the former designer was spotted visiting a psychologist's office downtown, and some friends of him say that he's having troubles with drugs lately.

'John's health is the thing that I'm worrying about,' - said a close friend. - 'He should go to rehab immediately, until it's too late.. we don't want him to end up like Kurt Cobain, no matter how great he was!'

So, will we soon watch John spending time in rehab or he'll keep partying hard? Well, keep your eyes open and watch what happens!


♥Chloe said...

He always reminded me of Charlie sheen!

PwincessSara/Sara said...

:( Hope he gets his life sorted soon...