May 18, 2010

Marriage On The Rocks?

By: Gabby Smith
Police were called to the home of entrepreneur, Tylerisbold and his wife, fashionista, Fakeshake3 early this morning at 3am!

When police showed up both Tyler and Ellie were in an all out screaming match and both had visible scrapes and bruises and Tyler had a very noticeable cut on his left cheek. In the police report Tyler claimed Ellie threw an ash tray at his face which resulted in the cut. Ellie denied the accusations by screaming, "If it is any ones fault it is Tyler's! He started it all!" Tyler was clearly in fright hoping Ellie wouldn't expose his secret to authorities but Ellie screamed at Tyler, "Your secret is safe with me you dink!"

Still no word yet on what he started or what he is hiding, or who called the police, but sources say it was the maid who called 911! But Tyler was spotted entering their home early this afternoon.

The couples rep has yet to comment on the situation or if they are back together or if Tyler was just picking up his things.

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