May 31, 2010

Chace Spotted In Mexico

By: Baya Nikolas
Sources say that alleged murderer Nojarama was spotted somewhere in Mexico.

Last month Chace admitted to his ex-fiance Hunnigall that he murdered their baby girl Chalice back in Feburary after finding out the child wasn't his. Ever since then Chace has been M.I.A. The Stardoll Police are taking in tips from anyone who knows Chace 's whereabouts.


Wooldoor said...

I tracked him down... I put him in hospital with a broken arm and a missing toe.

My Identity... Yes you would all like to know that.
First, I am Australian.
Second, I have been called "elite."
Third, I have brown eyes, both on my doll and me in real life.
Fourth, I love this blog.
Fifth, I love Ben10.
And if you are all too stupid to fiqure who I am out, look at the author of this comment.
Sixth, my last name begins with an "S".

Zoë ♥ said...

Okaii - But isn't is Chace? Not Chance?
You can deleate this message after if you want.
Z x

Magdaleena said...

OmG :OO Nothing pisses me off as much as a person who has killed a baby!!!
What kind of a person you have to be to do that? Hopw they track him down and cut his balls O.o
P.s: he looks like a woman.

ny_cutie said...

Hmmm, mexico eh? Isn't that were Fiona said she ''wasn't'' hiding in for about five months, to ''get out the public eye''? I think you get what I mean.... I'm not going there over the summer, I might find chace.

and whose the father for fiona's baby anyways...?