May 13, 2010

Fifi Spotted & Pregnant!!!

By: Tiffany
That's right, heiress Fifibannana has been spotted for the first time in 5 months!!!

Onlookers saw Fifi today for the first time in 5 months with a baby bump! She was spotted at a fast food restaurant near BBS studios.

Onlookers said Fifi was rude and annoyed when asked about her baby bump and had this to say: "Yes, I'm 5 months pregnant and the father is none of your business. I have not been in hiding but I have been in Mexico for 5 months to get away from the public eye."


Fifi-Jayne said...

Haha. I'm only 13. Arn't I a naughty girl? :')

ChicLin said...

FiFi' you a very naughty girl.

Do you know who that father is yet? Haha
Is it Steven?jk