May 9, 2010

Ashley Goes Off The Deep End?

By: Gabby Smith
Just 2 weeks after suffering a miscarriage, heiress BeverlyHillsHei has been partying hard!

A friend says, "A lot of people are worried about Ashley's well being. She has been partying too hard and drinking a lot and when she drinks, she drinks to get drunk! We strongly believe it's due to the miscarriage. She is still very devastated and in a very fragile state. She has also fallen back into old habits such as smoking cigarettes and hardly eating anything."

Just 2 days ago, Ashley was spotted stumbling out of XCIX night club and fell down drunk and had to be carried the rest of the way to her car by one of her bodyguards! Yikes!

Another friend says, "Not only are we worried about Ashley, but we are also worried about her fiance .SAMtheMAN.! He also has been hitting the bottle pretty hard. And like Ashley, he also has gotten back to smoking cigarettes. Nasty!"

Hopefully they'll be able to gain control before things start to go majorly down hill.

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ChicLin said...

Sucks for them:L