May 9, 2010

Cat Fight Between the Siblings

By: Lexi

After Manolo.DiCicco recently hired his sister Nicole-0 for Dioguardi Group, he was seen furiously yelling at her.

We asked Findurlove for her insight on the sibling cat fight. She said, “Nicole was working on a project and as usual horribly messed up. Of course Manolo was freaking out as the due date for the very important project was coming up and he fired his sister.” Just this morning an anonymous by-stander tells us “Nicole marched right up to Manolo’s Beverly Hills mansion and called him out. I heard many several….interesting, words being used to describe him such as a**hole, f***ing moron, and well other things too.

Meow – this sibling relationship just got a whole lot more interesting.

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