June 24, 2010

Oh the Joy!

Just your normal girl Mysecketlover, just publicized in the Dioguardi Press Conference this past Sunday that she announced to the public about her new baby girl. When asked by our correspondent:” Who’s the father?” she simply laughed and Manolo.DiCicco the owner of Dioguardi appears right behind her, his hand by her waist. Manolo assured the public of the fact he is the father. After the press conference, an anonymous witness saw Emma and Nojarama at an alley behind Dioguardi building, arguing. After an approximate 10 minutes, the witness saw Emma give Nojmul a kiss, and handed him the little girl.

Suspicion arises, who is the baby’s real father? Did Emma get a raise because she slept with her boss? Does Manolo know anything about this? What will happen to Dioguardi?

1 comment:

Blabber Mouth said...

That is kind of odd considering Manolo is gay and was going out with Dan.
But then again maybe he was the surrogate?