June 19, 2010

Nicole get's scrapped from debut movie!

On set at Meet The Fockers (Little Fockers) movie
To-be actress Nicole-0 got into quite a scandal in the past couple of days over some issues with her stealing! This has had DRAMATIC effects on her career! She was suppose to be cover girl for 'Eternity Magazine's upcoming issue but it was announced yesterday that she was no longer cover girl and released what would've been Eternity's Summer Issue cover.

Just moment's ago Warner Bros announced that they were scrapping her from her movie debut in upcoming comedy, Meet The Fockers (Little Fockers) sequel film. Berry Meyer made a statement on the offical WB site saying- Nicole got into some big trouble, i'm sure you all have heard about it. Here at Warner Brothers we do not like to hire people with such low morales and we've decided to scrap her from being the main role in Meet The Fockers (Little Fockers) movie coming this Fall.

We saw Nicole's little spree, flashing the cash, now that she has no job with Warner Brothers, is her career over? is she drowing in debt?

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