June 12, 2010

Chalice's Murderer Caught!!

Nojarama, Hunnigall, and the Stardoll Police fooled us all on the truth behind Chalice's murder, but once you read on your understand why...

Chace's Statement
"I lied about murdering my daughter to protect Alice. You see, two weeks after Chalice was killed Alice and I received anonymous envelopes with graphic pictures of Chalice being murdered and a note that said Alice would be next. Alice and I went to the police. Since were huge stars, the police didn't want the media to get the real story of what was happening, due to the fact it might scare off the killer. So we came up with a plan to make it seem like I was the murderer and fled the country while Alice stayed in Stardoll alone. So while I was stuck in seclusion in Mexico, Alice was with undercover cops posing as her "friends". Alice had to put herself in vulnerable situations knowing I was out of the picture. Finally things came to a close yesterday evening, when a young man tried to kidnapped Alice after walking out of her house, but undercover officers caught him before any harm was done. The young man's fingerprints match the fingerprints on the photos."

Police Statement
"The Chalice Fare-Valentine homicide investigation has come to a close. Chace Valentine was never a suspect in the murder, he was only a willing participant in a elaborate plan that our homicide team came up with along with Alice Fare. Weeks after the plan was played into motion, we successfully caught the real murder. We have disclosed the name of the suspect, due to the fact he's under the age of 18."

Just glad everyone is safe now, but who could this young man be?


ChicLin said...


Zoë ♥ said...

Wow you are really good at writing these types of things ha ha, keep the suspense and all. your should become a writer!

(You don't need to post this, just for you to veiw =] )

*future*celeb*/Ally said...

She is an Illuminatus!!!!! One all seeing eye.

iswim19 said...


But glad Chace is not the murderer.

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Haha. Whatever next! It's a really good twist though, and a good way to keep your readers interested!