June 3, 2010

Adriana Goes To Court!

By: Gabby Smith
Socialite/actress, Sublime420 was snapped by paparazzi entering court today for her arrest back in April! Adriana was nabbed by store security and later handed over to police for shoplifting over $10,000 worth of merchandise from Dioguardi!

Adriana was basically got a slap on the wrists, but when the judge asked her where she got her dress she replied nonchalantly, "Chanel."

But the judge then asked if she actually paid for the dress or if it too was a five finger discount, Adriana stuttered a bit but quickly denied it, raising a few eyebrows in the court room.

However, Adriana will not be serving any jail time, she will be doing 100 hours of community service and she has to pay double the amount of the items she stole were worth to Dioguardi and will be on four years probation.

Sounds fair game to us!

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Wooldoor said...

Fake Chanel :)