June 14, 2010

Near Death Experience

By Maggie Parker

This just in! Recherche Editor at large doinker_Chic has just been seen at the ICU in the Memorial Hospital; doctors say she has dislocated shoulder, severe neck problems and a broken leg; furthermore, as her case doctor reveals her chances of living her normal life are minimal due to the injuries caused by the accident. Our correspondent contacted the police chief for more details; and it seems as if Lily has been run over by a car from some mysterious driver. Onlookers say she was crossing the streets last night, at around 7 pm after the Dioguardi party, and whilst going to the parking lot was then suddenly hit by a white Lamborghini. Witnesses could not see the driver, yet described the driver as a girl whom left the party earlier that same party.

The police are searching everywhere for the car, and the driver has not been taken into custody yet;

Doctors are waiting for Lily to wake up from her coma for interrogation.


iswim19 said...

Hope Lily Rose is okay. :O
Wonder who wanted to run her over?!

Zoë ♥ said...

A hit and run! Tut,tut,tut!!! I never knew Stardoll had such crewl people around.

I hope Lilly Rose gets better.

Z x