June 27, 2010

Chloe + Tyler +Ellie = Fight x 3

Elite wannabe - and former best friend of Fakeshake3, Toxxic.Angel has discovered the truth about Ellie and Tylerisbold recently when Chloe threatened to expose that Ellie is in fact a Transsexual!!!

It all started four days ago when we shared that Ellie and Tyler have had a fallout you see... Once Chloe found out that Ellie put ice down a paparazzi's front she was mighty ticked off. Chloe and the anonymous paparazzi is actually one of Chloe's best friends. Chloe and Ellie had a good time back when things were good between them, but Ellie discovered that Tyler was cheating on her with Chloe. We all know that Ellie is a person to have high alerts and she has had issues with trust since she was raped when she was in her early teens.

Well because Chloe and Ellie were once best of friends they had secrets. Ellie even said to Chloe that she is a guy! Here is a picture of Ellie before and after the "operation."

before - after

Is it Eli or something? And plus "his" brows looks like one of the wild things xD
Back to the subject...
  • Tyler and "Ellie" had sex on their honeymoon
  • Tyler left her
  • Ellie got pissed off and put ice down a Paparazzi's pants
  • Chloe isn't very happy and asked if we could share this rumor about Ellie
Hmm... Poor Tyler, maybe he saw the scars and that's why he had that breakdown... We will update you more later. Comment if you have some info about "Ellie".


Nojarama said...

So Ellie got raped as a boy? :o

Linda (Elite-girl) said...

Wow, that was a little to much, being raped, and a tranny... Yeah its very unbelievable.

anonymous abby said...

I honestly do not like it.
ATTENTION BAYA ... you need to start proof reading your writers stories before they publish them.
This is not only confusing for me but for other members to keep track with all the stories.
I mean in one story she will be an actual woman, the next she is a tranny, and then the next she is a real woman again BUT pregnant.

Dei said...

Who knows!

Mimi_Mami said...

ohh poor elliot, oh sorry, i mean ellie...

☼Chloe☼ said...

Lol ;D

2peicesofcandy1 said...

I'm having trouble following this post.