June 23, 2010

Baby Blooming?

It was just yesterday that we spotted them at a cocktail party in Paris, but rumors have developed that Fakeshake3 and her hubby Tylerisbold had a fallout after the party. The fallout was over some very shocking news Ellie had been keeping from Tyler. Sources say the news was that Ellie is pregnant and has been since her honeymoon. Tyler was so upset that he apparently left Ellie to "get his head around things."
"I rather not talk about it, but yes, Ellie was part of the reason I had a meltdown yesterday. I'm not going to confirm any rumors about baby blues." -Tyler
When we tried to get some dirt out of Ellie herself, she put ice down one of our pap's pants. We will keep you updated in the future.


Chloe - Toxxic.Angel said...


Vanessa_234 said...

Ouch , that must've come very hard for Tyler.
Ouch for the paparazzi too. xD

Wooldoor said...

T'was a dudde too... Imagine :(

Anonymous said...

I would be more then delighted to clear the rumors up right now.

It is nice to provide the public with juicy gossip - but when you use quotes from people that are not even relevant to the situation or to anything I would say, people are going to get furious.

Ellie and I have never dated and I am not sure where the rumor sparked. We do go and have lunch as well as spend time with each other, often - but it has never been more then that. So therefor, the tabloids can stop gossiping about the 'baby blues' rumors.

Thank you for your time.