June 1, 2010

Ashley & Stacy's Drunken Brawl!

By: Gabby Smith
Heiress Beverlyhillshei and Playboy Playmate Starszn got into a big scuffle last night at a party for a friend!

Stacy was spotted leaving the party and was caught on camera saying, "Ashley hit me and pulled a few extensions out of my hair!"

Ashley was seen leaving the party five minutes later looking drunk or reportedly under the influence of cocaine which was rumored she snorted off of a table in the middle of the party! She was slurring to the cameras, "Stacy poured her drink on me. What a waste!"

A friend of both girls says, "Both girls were told to leave. I try to tell Ashley that her behavior has consequences which could lead to her getting cut off by her father but she doesn't seem to care because she will still get inheritance from her Grandparents anyways and she has .SAMtheMAN. who always seems to shower her in fancy gifts! She's too over privileged and a good amount of the people around her are bad influences."

The friend goes on to say, "As for Stacy I don't know what her deal is. She's been kind of a flake and moody lately. I think it's because she of the break up with -Cooldude. And I seen her calling Writemarycat a pregnant whore right to Mary's face. She's been rude to everyone!"

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