December 27, 2010

Chad A Cheater??

While attending a Star Awards after-party a couple days ago, onlookers reportedly spotted MadWorld getting extra friendly with model Zoe_COUTURE.

According to onlookers, both were getting hot and heavy at the VIP lounge. And when a partygoer asked Chad about his girlfriend Writemarycat (whose expected to give birth in February), he said "Mary Who??" Chad was then later spotted checking into a hotel with Zoe later that night!!

But guess what!! After speaking to Mary, she told EN exclusively that although she is having Chad's baby and loves Chad with all her heart, that both her and Chad have a open relationship! Meaning that both are allowed to see other people yet still be in a committed relationship! "Every relationship is different, Chad and I have a amazing relationship, but having a open relationship just works for us." said Mary. What's even more crazy, Mary was the one who set Chad up with Zoe!


Paris Freche said...

Lol Good cuple xD

Estelle (clubklo) said...

Zoe I simply can't believe you! xDD

Creina10 said...

First ever issue. My magazine.

LE said...

This blog is crazy... i loved

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Oh Chad....say it ain't so. Poor Mary ;)