December 1, 2010

EliteMale at the Eternity beach house

EliteMale was spotted at the Eternity beach house, which was opened in 2009. Some of writemarycat's closest friends can stay for free, but most elites have to pay a hefty $400,000 a night, which includes the house to themselves, full access to the bar, and unlimited use of the boating equipment (yachts, jet skis, etc). Tim was arm in arm with an unknown model from Stardoll Fashion Week. Any ideas?

We're surprised Tim wasn't crying, after the recent departure of his ex-lover, Springate. We do know that Tim and the unknown model headed to a high-end tattoo parlor after brunch at the Lilystone Café. They were seen snogging on their way to the parlor, but denied it when a paparazzo inquired.

No word yet on whether they got a tattoo or not.


Nicole Jones (Tapstar321) said...

Hmmm you seem to be very excited about your gig at Elite News. This is your third post today ;)

But keep going. Your posts are actually very interesting. The more the better!

10natasha10/Tasha♥ said...