December 2, 2010

Breaking Shocking News!!

Miss_LolitaF was spotted making a visit to SCCC (Star Child Charity Center), when a tragic accident occurred- the center caught in flames! Reporters were there in an instant, and some even offered to put their cameras down and help the workers rescue the children in the building.

The fire chief has declared the fire to be arson!
"We have found one culprit by the name of Alphonsinne. The police believe she is the cause of the fire at the center. The highest sentence we can get Al is 20 to 25 years, but we assume she will receive the minimum 20 years."

Al is a highly successful writer for a tabloid magazine, Seen on Stardoll, with other writers being the ambitious designer John2_el_mejor. There is no doubt that Al will be getting a fantastic lawyer. For now, she has been placed behind bars at the station in LA, and will be in for a few days due to questioning, fingerprinting, and all.

As for Lolita, her recent money woes forced her to resign from donating 30% of the proceeds of Lieve by Lolita and was at the center to help out instead of making a donation. She escaped with just a 1st degree burn on her right leg. She's also planning to take legal action on the main culprit.

Our hearts go out to SCCC, and hope that the center will be repaired quickly!


Miss_LolitaF said...

I love your creativity.

Nicole Jones (Tapstar321) said...

Yet again, an interesting post! I love it.

Nicole Jones (Tapstar321) said...

Yet again, an interesting post! I love it.