December 10, 2010

Style lashes out at baby!

Major news recently, Style_Magazine was caught on camera lashing out. Upon who did the (once) one of Stardoll's most legendary power woman recently living in a more rustic lifestyle lash out towards? No-one but her very own (adopted) offspring, Robyn!

Style has been trying to rake in the $$$ which she once used to roll around in but it really hasn't been doing her much good, so much to even having to sell off her mansion. However just before she moved she had been in talks in having her very own reality show (evidently times really have gone hard at the Style crib) anyhow filming began from when Style departed from her vast beauty of a house and was moving into her new property. In the coming days one of the cameramen left the camera in their home and Style being completely oblivious to this and so did her typical 'things'. Style was watching some TV and Robyn was yelling her brains out as it was clearly time for her feed, however Style just sat there, as the crying progressed Style got frustrated left Robyn in the room alone to cry! She then was heard yelling telling Robyn along the lines that she shouldn't be selfish as they cannot afford baby milk she should be considerate and shut-up!

Nevertheless after all of the above we believed the worse had come and gone but boy were we way of the mark! Style came back with what looked like dog food and fed it to Robyn.

Will child protective services interfere????
What's next in Style's downward spiral???


KingofMedia said...

Ehm, wow.

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Poor Robyn :(
What is it with you and child-abuse storylines? Lol. No objection, they're very interesting [:

PerezStarGossip said...

Mommy Dearest! =/

Nojarama said...

I have no idea I've noticed a pattern as well...I hope I don't turn into the next Albert Fish :|

Eva ♥ said...

Oh my!

What a tragedy, :(