December 1, 2010

Style Goes House Hunting

Style_Magazine took to the hills after she was recently forced to sell her mansion and also had to recently put her penthouse on the market. Style's close friend Tylerisbold wired her money from Paris, just in time for her to go house hunting. Apparently she's got just enough money to afford an apartment two blocks away from her ex, Model-Selena!

"Go check out the new designs on Style Bazaar!" she recently twittered. Releasing just 100 dresses for a measly $11, Style's luck is starting to look up. In another attempt to pay the bills, Style is auctioning off her clothes for crazy cash. Looks like Style might be getting some extra cash coming her way if she plays her cards right!

**Your favorite queen bee wannabe -Pop_Tart- is here! I will be giving you the inside dish on what the celebrities whisper about at the parties, whether it be scandalous or petty. Thank you Baya for this wonderful opportunity!

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