December 15, 2010

Stardoll's Christmas Charity Event!!

Emorox4eva and Bluegreen86 have just made an announcement that they will be hosting a charity event for Christmas.

The event will consists of comedy acts, song and dance, yet the line-up will be announced closer to the time. The date has been confirmed as 29th December, just a few days before the New Year but after Christmas.

Jenna and Mel released a public statement saying; "We know the date's quite hard, but we decided to have it as close to the New Year and Christmas as possible. We are advertising it as a Christmas event, but we will be giving the money a few weeks after Christmas, and we'll be using some to buy gifts and clothes. We've been working on this for ages, so we both hope the Stardoll community will come out and support it. The notice is very short, and we apologize for that, but we decided just a few months ago we wanted to do this. Tickets are available to buy now, and we're releasing the line-up next week.".

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