December 3, 2010

Vaisa MIA

We all know her as the outgoing type, but social butterfly Vasia28 has been caught in public with her, erm, parts out. Top and bottom (we blurred her bottom half out though).

In recent weeks we have seen Vasia with scratch marks all over her body, so maybe drugs have gotten to her? When we caught up with her we questioned her, but instead of answering us, she pulled down the straps of her bodysuit, exposing her tits and yelled out "I'm a FREE bitch!" She started to run off into the sunset, but as we chased her we soon lost her. The weird thing is we chased her with a car?

Later, as I tuned into Elite Network's latest show "Pant's Down", I saw a group of girls playing Strip Poker. I tried to change the channel, but the remote went flat, and I am pregnant and was home alone, and we all know how hard it is to get off the sofa with a rodent inside you. So I settled watching the show and surprise, surprise, I saw Vasia. Well, the bust of her. How I know it was her? Nobody has nipples that big but her.

I phoned the network and asked where she was, they told us that she walked out when she realized that the camera wasn't a mirror and the camera man wasn't a mirror man.

Please, if you have seen a nude belle running around with mouth-sized nipples, please contact us by calling


We will keep you updated.


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