December 3, 2010

An Artistic Awakening

Dollywood artist Tcholas93 attended the opening of Downtown Artistry, a high school strictly for painting/drawing/sculpting.

"We're so glad to have such a talented woman here!" the principal proclaimed. Other memorable artists that attended were the very John2_el_mejor. "John's Designs has been re-opened, and I'm doing better than ever!" said John about his career. We also saw someone we haven't seen in quite a while... Manolo.DiCicco! Only Elite News was allowed inside the bash, and we got a few words from Manolo. "I know I haven't been very out there lately," he started. "But I have some big plans for Dollywood!"

Could this mean that Dioguardi will be coming back with a bang?

Nicole was the spotlight of the night, and gave her own speech on protecting the arts. "Art is so important," she began. "it can show you wealth, poverty, love, hatred, friendship, death, and so many more things you couldn't even imagine. Art is so important to give us a glimpse into the past. Without it, we wouldn't know how the natives lived, or how the Declaration of Independence was signed, or who the first presidents were." She continued a small talk on how Downtown Artistry is one of the best schools out there, and got a standing ovation by the crowd.

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