December 4, 2010

Style: I prefer the simpler life

Just a few weeks after selling her mansion and putting her penthouse on the market and being force to move into a small apartment downtown, Style_Magazine claims that sometimes, "I prefer the simpler life."

In a TV interview with SDElites, Style told her fans and audience that "living a glamorous life isn't always fun, as you've seen recently with my own experiences. The paparazzi are always there, looking for one thing or another to make a story with. The fans are amazing, and the fun But sometimes, I admit, I can see the appeal of leaving it all behind. At the moment, I have to admit I prefer the simpler life. My apartments closer to where I need to be, and it doesn't take as long to warm up in the winter either!"

But could Style be implying that her time in the spotlights...over?

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