January 3, 2011

Stardoll Welcomes 2011!

All around Stardoll, Elites welcomed 2011 in ways of their own.

Emorox4eva and Bluegreen86 both held their Charity Event a few days earlier, and the event, along with donations from the public, and a surprise two-hour long telethon raised over $120,000-completely smashing the $100,000 target they had planned! In a statement, the two said they were "Extremely pleased with the results" and "wanted to thank everyone who helped" in organizing the event. The money, along with gifts, will be donated on Monday January 11th to various charities across the globe that aid those who cannot afford to spend Christmas the way we do. Jenna also added on "It's nice for us to be able to give to everyone else what we take for granted. That's one thing that I think everyone should learn from 2010". Acts included stand-up comedy by Nojorama, a sneak preview of the new Fashion line of Hunnigall.

Style_Magazine kept a small bash at her apartment with a couple of her closest friends, saying that she had "Had enough of parties in 2010" and wanted something smaller and quieter to bring in the new year.

Vasia28 and Miss_LolitaF were in charge of the 'silver ball' in the Town Square, where thousands of people gathered up for the countdown to 2011. A little surprise was in store by the Stardoll government, when money came out at the pressing of the silver ball at the stroke of midnight. One onlooker said, "There was so much screaming. It was hard to tell whether they were screaming to welcome 2011, or because of the cash!"

An enormous fireworks display, with fireworks worth $10,000-causing enormous controversy-was held earlier on, where millions lined up to watch. Fireworks were lit in the shape of famous faces, the Roman Numerals MMXI, and many, many more. Stardoll citizens described it as "the perfect welcome to 2011" with one guy proposing to his girlfriend on live TV! Aww...the perfect start to a new year.

All in all, it was an amazingly eventful evening, and the Stardoll Police Department said they only made 10 arrests-a lot less than first expected.

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Gabby1822 said...

Oh yeah, I was there too. I had such a fabulous time :)