January 30, 2011

Dan Found!!

In April of last year, DanPuffs left the Dollywood scene, but for the first time we have got the first sighting of Dan on a small island about 300 miles from the Stardoll Shore. He now reportedly goes by SaltyDan.

So what happened to Dan? Well, he found out his longtime lover Manolo.DiCicco had been cheating on him. He found out 1 month after the two married in March. He was so upset he just walked out the door and never came back!! Dan's friends and family haven't heard from him since then!!! A missing person's report was filed but the police never looked into it!

As for Manolo, he's been keeping a down low and has reportedly began dating again!! Both Dan & Manolo are still legally married, but weeks after Dan left, Manolo filed for legal separation.


Gillian/Juciimami827 said...

All the cute guys are gay! LMAO JK :P pixels can't be cute= fail -.-

Nicole Jones - Tapstar321 said...

Pahahahah Gill thats such a you think to say :P

SaltyDan said...

Here is your exclusive, Manolo did cheat - I have the sex tape to prove it, too!