April 18, 2011

Nojarama Gets Bashed

Nojarama was spotted walking out of Fierce Headquarters (his fiance Hunnigall's magazine) with a battered right eye. While he didn't speak to us about it, he did tweet about it.

"OMG. I was just walking out of Dainty Doll Bakery, and this man

walked up to me and said 'you are a sick homo! burn in hell!' then punched me in the face!!! No blood, but I'm bruised pretty bad. #NOH8"

This sparked the interest of many iconic people in the LGBT-Community to speak out; including TrixieDeeLight, SaltyDan, and Star_Awards. We can only hope that Nojo can get over this traumatic experience. Stay fierce!


PwincessSara/Sara said...

I thought Twitter only allowed 140 characters? xDD

But poor Nojo...

BASHY77 said...

ugh hate crimes are the worse!!