April 2, 2011

Breakthrough in Starplaza case!

Almost over a month after the Starplaza break-in, Stardoll police confirmed that they have a new lead taken the suspect into custody. The suspect is none other than Phishtickie, a former assistant of Style_Magazine!!! She was arrested and taken into custody this morning. According to the police they have clear evidence that Phishtickie was behind the break-in due to surveillance footage and eye witnesses.

Moments after the arrest, Style was called in for questioning, but her rep has not commented on the case, but the Stardoll Police said that Style "has nothing to worry about if she's innocent," but the police refused to go into specifics to why they are questioning Style.


BASHY77 said...

OMG!!!! Who would've thought she would be the culprit? Goes to show you just dont know people..sad lol

kokardka said...

Amazing blog!
Do you draw it yourself?;o