February 11, 2011

Style has enough.

Style_Magazine has recently lashed out at the Stardoll media, telling them that sometimes, "Enough is enough". After recent allegations about how she was an irresponsible mother after arriving home at 11pm after a party on Friday night, Style released a statement on her personal blog stating:

"I'd like to say that the stupid rumors circulating about me are not true, so I ask you not to believe them. The media needs to learn when enough is enough, and take in to consideration people's feelings. I don't want this spotlight anymore-I've had my turn, and I want to live a normal private life now. And please note that I take my role as a parent very seriously-it's not something I'm careless about. My child is always my priority, and I urge of you not to think anything different. I have a social life, and yes, I do enjoy to party on Friday night. But I hire a babysitter or ask a friend to look after my child. I'm not an irresponsible mother and that's something that's offended me deeply."


Gia is CommesDesGarcon said...

wow. calling her an unfit mom? thats kind of harsh. I dont love style or hate her but that IS pretty mean. People need lives of their own.

10natasha10/Tasha♥ said...

Interesting i think i will go mad too if it was me!