February 22, 2011

Alice lashes out at paparazzi!

Hunnigall was spotted in London, masses of paparazzi engulfing her! It must have overwhelmed Alice because she had had enough and lashed out at a certain member of the crowd, shouting at him "Stay out of my personal life! Would YOU like it if somebody followed every move you make? NEITHER DO I." She followed with a string of curses and insults, and when she was done, she spat over him (as pictured above), and walked off.

When the press asked her about the event she simply refused to comment, but later gave the following statement:
"I guess I may have overreacted a little, but I bet you wouldn't like it if the paparazzi followed you every single moment of your life, even if you were just going to post a letter!"

Oh, Alice. Tut Tut. As they say, 'it's better to say it, not spray it!', but in this case, you did both!

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PwincessSara/Sara said... about a lot of spit. xD